Publishing IoT Resources

There are 2 steps involved in publicizing the presence of IoT Resources:
  1. You need to create a description of the resource (“create resource”)
  2. You need to submit your resource description for publication in one or more Registries that will publicize its presence (“publish resource”). To be discoverable by users of our IoT Assistant mobile app, a resource has to be published in at least one Registry.
These 2 steps are also associated with 2 different roles:
  1. Contributor: Anyone with an account can create a resource description and become a contributor. Contributors may be the owners/controllers of the resource they describe or they may be volunteer contributors who report on the presence of a resource they do not own/control. Either way contributors are expected to represent that their resource descriptions are accurate to the best of their knowledge and conform to all applicable laws.
  2. Registry Owner/Administrator: Registry owners (and administrators to whom owners delegate some responsibilities) review requests for publications of resource descriptions submitted by contributors. Registries are expected to be used to publish descriptions of related resources such as resources in a given area (e.g., a mall, a neighborhood, a city) or resources that share some common characteristics (e.g. public webcams, electronic toll collection sensors, video door bells, shot spotter audio sensors). Registry owners/administrators can be individuals or organizations and take responsibility for their decision to publish resource descriptions - they review submissions and decide whether or not to publish them. Any registered user, whether as an individual or on behalf of an organization, can request to be the owner of one or more registries. Follow this link to request that we create and host an IoT Resource Registry for you to manage. All requests are subject to a vetting process.

Note: At this time, we only support the creation and publication of IoT resources in the United States of America, Canada, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.